Jodi Gottlieb

Voiceover Coach
Sherman Oaks, California
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Jodi Gottlieb’s roots are in the New York theatre where she honed her directing skills. A change of career path brought her to the world of advertising where she was pleased to discover her natural abilities were marketable. She soon became an award-winning VP of Production (Campbell's Soup, Bristol-Meyers, 3M, Hills Bros. Coffee, and many more). Moving to LA as a Senior Broadcast Producer on retail accounts, she was invited to CBS for a three-week assignment as a Writer/Producer and stayed for ten years. As an independent contractor, she has written and produced award-winning promos for CBS, ABC, NBC, Showtime, TBS, USA, ABC Family and many others. She is the co-author of the industry book, “TV: Sex, Lies & Promos.” Invited to guest direct at several VO workshops, she was urged to teach privately and produce demos. Jodi has been teaching VO for twenty-plus years and specializes in promo, commercial reads and character study.


University of Bridgeport

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Commercial Producer NY/LA Promo Writer/Producer/Director VO Coach - Privates/Workshops/Audition Coaching

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